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Leiden-SRON-UvA Galaxy Clusters Group

Welcome to the Leiden-SRON-UvA Galaxy Clusters Group webpage. The main goals of this working group are:

  1. Getting updated on the latest clusters related results from the literature and discuss them,
  2. Let each other know our respective science projects related to clusters and share ideas and suggestions on them,
  3. Strengthen interactions between Sterrewacht, SRON and UvA on galaxy clusters and eventually start new scientific collaborations.

Here you will find more info about our regular meetings, possible collaborations, as well as a list of the group members and their field(s) of expertise.



  • X-ray — Radio observations of merging group of galaxies. Hiroki Akamatsu hakamatsu_v1.pdf
  • X-ray — Radio observations of large scale filaments. Hiroki Akamatsuhakamatsu_v1.pdf

Relevant review papers

Diffuse radio emission

  • Observational properties of the diffuse radio emission (ADS)
  • Cosmic rays in galaxy clusters and their non-thermal emission (ADS)

X-ray & Intra-Cluster Medium: general

  • X-ray spectroscopy of galaxy clusters: studying astrophysical processes in the largest celestial laboratories (ADS)

Chemical enrichment in clusters

  • Observations of metals in the Intra-Cluster Medium (ADS)
  • The origin of the chemical elements in cluster cores (ADS)

Cosmic star formation

  • Cosmic star formation history (ADS)

Merging clusters

Gas flows and turbulence in clusters

Shocks and acceleration in clusters

Member list

Name Institute Email Expertise field(s)
Francois Mernier (org) SRON (Utrecht) / Leiden XMM-Newton EPIC data reduction & spectroscopy
Metal abundances in the ICM
Igone Urdampilleta (co-org) SRON (Utrecht)/ Leiden Atomic Data: Collisional ionisation Merger shocks in clusters
Hiroki Akamatsu SRON (Utrecht) Suzaku data analysis & Cluster outskirts & WHIM
Detector developments for ATHENA X-IFU
Stergios Amarantidis Univ. van Amsterdam
Richard Bartels Univ. van Amsterdam Non-thermal emission
Andrea Botteon Bologna/Leiden (guest)
Marcello Cacciato Leiden
Gabriela Calistro Leiden
Vivianni Cordeiro Leiden
Julius Donnert Leiden Radio halos & relics, cosmic-ray dynamics, ideal cluster models, numerical methods for gravity and MHD
Jelle de Plaa SRON (Utrecht)
Jeroen Franse Leiden
Liyi Gu SRON (Utrecht) charge exchange emission, atomic model for astrophysics, clusters of galaxies in X-ray and optical
Duy Hoang Leiden low-frequency radio, cluster merger shocks
Henk Hoekstra Leiden
Huib Intema Leiden low-frequency radio data processing, Mpc-scale cluster radio emissions
Jelle Kaastra SRON (Utrecht) / Leiden X-ray spectroscopy
Junjie Mao SRON (Utrecht) / Leiden atomic data:atomic process:radiative recombination, clusters:ICM: abundances, XMM:RGS
Soumyajit Mandal Leiden
Edwin Retana Montenegro Leiden
Emma Rigby Leiden Far-infrared observations of protoclusters; radio galaxy evolution
Huub Rottgering Leiden
Tim Shimwell Leiden
David Sobral Leiden
Emma Storm Univ. van Amsterdam
Andra Stroe Leiden Radio and optical analyses of clusters hosting diffuse radio emission
Edwin Retana Leiden Radio surveys and high-z AGNs
Michael Wise Univ. van Amsterdam
Fabio Zandanel Univ. van Amsterdam Non-thermal and thermal cluster modelling (radio, X- and gamma-rays), cosmic rays, gamma-ray observations

For any question/suggestion, please contact:

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